Arduino Starter Kit- Basic Suite


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This Arduino Starter Kit is an excellent starting point for beginners.The starter kit contains pieces that will allow for the completion of many Arduino projects; allowing anyone to become more familiar with using Arduino.


With this kit, you will learn:

  • Basic concepts (buttons, resistors, sensors)
  • IR remote control and receivers
  • how to use sensors to detect environment(i.e. light, temperature)
  • how to use 74HC595 Shifting Register IC to extend kit Digital Ports
  • And so much more!!

The Arduino Starter Kit- Basic Suite contains:

1 OSOYOO Uno R3 Board and cable (fully Compatible with anduino R3)
2 74HC595 Shifting Register
3 12C Display
4 8*8 Dot Matrix LED Display
5 4-Digit 7 LED Display
6 1-Digit 7 LED Display
7 LED(6*White, Red, Yellow, Green)
8 Stepper Motor + Bridge
9 Piezo Buzzer
10 SG90 Servo Motor
11 Tilt Sensor (SW-5200)
12 Light Sensor
13 DHT11 Humidity Sensor
14 Temperature Sensor TMP38
15 Ultrasonic Module HC-SR04
16 Obstacle Avoidance Sensor
17 Infrared Remote Controller And Receiver
18 Potentionmeter(10K adjustbale resisitor)
19 15 *Resistors(220chm) 15 *Resistors(470chm) 15 *Resistors(1Kohm) 15 *Resistors(10Kchm)
20 breadboard
21 40*12cm male-male jumper
   15*15cm male-male jumper
   5*20cm male-male jumper
   5*25cm male-male jumper
   8*20cm female-female jumper
22 Battery Snap
23 Push Buttons Hats
24 Push Buttons
25 Acrylic Base Plate
26 Plastic Box


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