WIFI Smart Car


This hi-tech robotic car is controlled through the arduino single microcontroller platform. The car is remote control enabled and comes with an HD camera that serves as the robot cars “eyes”.This robotic car is the perfect gift for the hobbyist in your life.

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–  UNO R3 Robot main control module+Arduino PWR robot motor driving plate with motor and servo driver
– Robot-eyes HD camera, manual to adjust the focus
– Robot-Link and external antenna high gain and far distance WIFI module
– Solid tyre+EMC electromagnetic filtration motor
– Aluminum alloy motor fixed block
– Infrared tracking / obstacle avoidance sensor
– 6-12V motor
– 10*speed control system
– Dynamic video: resolution: 640*480p
– 2DB external high gain wifi antenna and real-time transmission
– Support Windows, Android, iOS weirless control
– PCB  1.6mm

UNO R3 main control board+WIFI Arduino PWR motor driver:
– Dock with UNO R3
– Communication with WIFI module and supply power with USB cable
– 7-14V input
– 2 channel motor interface that can drive 36W motor
– 2 channel video gimbal servo interface
– All the I/O of UNO has been led out


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